It’s been a while since I updated this page. Over the last year I’ve been hard at work finishing up my graphic novel, Swerved. It has gone through a couple of changes here and there…such as a few different working titles (Shenangians and Hijinks). However, it’s finished, online and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out right here: Swerved Comic.

Super Maxi-Pad Girl #5

It has been over two years since a new issue of Super Maxi-Pad Girl was released. Really, has it been that long? JEEZ! Well, a lot has happened within that period of time, personally. I won’t get into all of the details, but the great news is that this comic will be making its debut at the 2013 SpringCon in St. Paul, MN on May 19th.

This issue was co-plotted by Danno Klonowski, art, writing, and co-plotting was done by me (Daniel Olson), and the editing and research role was taken up by AJ Niehaus. I was also fortunate to get a guest pin-up done by Lupi McGinty

This issue continues where SMPG #4 took off. It’s exciting! Check it out! It’s only $5.00!

Bird Done Gone Dead (Online Version)

It took me a while to have the time to figure out how to post this online. So, without further ado, please click on the below image to view my contribution to the Lutefish Sushi E anthology.

Another name change and PROGRESS!

The project I’ve been most dedicated to lately is my graphic novel, Swerved (yes, I know the name has been changed twice already, but this time it really fits, HONEST!). I am getting close to finishing with the inks, which is a blessing. I’ve been working on this book since 2007 and really just want to finish it. I’ve enjoyed working on it, but there have been so many interruptions that have preventing me from not giving the project the proper amount of time and focus.

My goal is to have it done before next spring. In addition to finishing the last quarter of the book’s inks, I want to go back and redo some of the initial twenty pages. I know some have told me to “let it be” and “just move on.” However, I really believe that the lettering and art changed dramatically from those first twenty pages to page twenty-one. If it were left the way it was now, I would not be happy with it…and this is a project I want to be satisfied with. There are other things that may crop up and bug me, but none will buy me as much as these first twenty pages.

With that being said, here is a photo of some progress!

Bird Done Gone Dead

I’ve been kind of silent for a while. My beautiful wife gave birth to my extra-beautiful daughter, Zoe back in January of this year. With all of the extra housework preparation and, well, being a parent that has come with the last two years, I’ve fallen off of the blogging-grid so-to-speak. And in that time, the whole Wordpress thing has kind of become a dinosaur (such is technology). All of the kids are using Tumblr nowadays. Well, I don’t have one setup quite yet, but I do plan on getting back to updating this dinosaur on a semi-regular basis.

Having been able to find time to do comics was a chore at first, but now, since I have a system in place, it’s been easier to get things done. My first completed project, in a while, is a 28 page mini-comic about bullying called Bird Done Gone Dead. The comic will be available for purchase in a min-comics anthology, of sorts, next month at the Lutefish Sushi art gallery showing in Nordeast Minneapolis. Details here.

Here are some snapshots to tide you over!

Bret Blackberg vs sXe dilemma.

Long time no blog.

So, it’s been brought to my attention, by myself, that the whole Bret Blackberg saga glorifies alcohol and alcohol consumption and that it may conflict with my interests of living a drug free, straight-edge lifestyle. Ergo making me a hypocrite.

Those that know me know that, personally, I do not have a problem with hanging out at bars or parties where the “beer flows like wine.” Shit, I just bowled this week and had a pretty impressive 135 score in my second game (actually, it was kind of weak, because I should have picked up more spares than I did…but I digress).

Therefore, I beg to differ (with my opening internal argument) that this comic conflicts with my interests. This book is for consenting adults, who enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of this drunken hero. He is not perfect. Nobody is. And for those that must know, here is a PSEUDO SPOLIER, by no means is it my intention to make him “see the light” and become straight-edge at the end of the book. This comic is for entertainment not propaganda. It does not preach my lifestyle nor will it in the future. Just as I wouldn’t want anyone to tell me which deity to worship, I am not going to tell you how to live your life.

So, love it or leave it, I could really care less. I have nothing to prove to you.

Bret Blackberg 24×50 was a no-go.

Sorry folks, but the last 24×50 was a no-go. I ended up getting sick, hence no new comic.

Sorry about that. I’m hoping to have some exciting news to post on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Bret Blackberg Returns this Weekend! #24×50

Hey folks, the baby hangover is finally starting to subside and my cartooning life is starting to take on some form of semblance. So, with the blessing of my family, I am tasking back onto the 24 Hour Comic trail and undertaking yet another installment of Bret Blackberg and the Fifty State Tour this Saturday, April 28th.

If you haven’t been paying attention (and I honestly can’t blame you with the lack of posts over the past…while), Bret Blackberg and the Fifty State Tour is a comic project started back in 2008. I am attempting to create a twenty-four hour comic (a comic completed within a 24 hour time frame) for each of the fifty states. Thus far I’ve completed nine chapters, all of which are linked at the end of this post.

Waitaminue…nine chapters already? That means I will have completed one fifth of this comic by the end of the weekend. BOSS!

Anyhow, if you would like to join me in this endeavor, I will be starting the day at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Nordeast Minneapolis on Saturday, April 28th around 10 AM and lasting until about 9 PMish. After that I generally go home and ice my hand for a while, then draw alone, in the dark, crying all the while.

If you can’t make the event, or don’t want to, you can always check out progress and live tweeting on Twitter by following the #24×50 hashtag.

Chapter One: Somewhere in Montana

Chapter Two: Meanwhile in Wyoming

Chapter Three: Elsewhere in Utah

Chapter Four: Subsequently in Idaho

Chapter Five: Capriciously in Washington

Chapter Six: Somehow in Alaska

Chapter Seven: Also in Hawaii

Chapter Eight: Evidently in Oregon

Chapther Nine: Later in California

Later in California

It took a while to get this posted, but the NINTH book in the Bret Blackberg and the Fifty State Tour is online! For those not in the know, since 2008, I have been creating 24 Hour Comics, each with the theme of one of the fifty United States. This challenge was put upon me by my good friend Danno Klonowski. The final product will be 1200 pages of, well, Bret Blackberg.

The next chapter will take place in Nevada, but I don’t have the exact title yet. Oh yeah, I’m having a kid in February, so it may be a few months (or longer) before I get another one of these books done. So….enjoy!

As always you can purchase my books at my Big Cartel shop. Which is located here. Unfortunately, I am sold out of the physical Bret Blackberg trades, so just read them here for now.

OR, you can read them for free at the following links:

Chapter One: Somewhere in Montana

Chapter Two: Meanwhile in Wyoming

Chapter Three: Elsewhere in Utah

Chapter Four: Subsequently in Idaho

Chapter Five: Capriciously in Washington

Chapter Six: Somehow in Alaska

Chapter Seven: Also in Hawaii

Chapter Eight: Evidently in Oregon

Then click on the graphic all the way at the top to read Later in California.

MIX 2011 Upon Us!

Minneapolis Indie Xpo

Hey kids, this Saturday and Sunday is the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, which from what I understand is in its final year. You best come and check it out. I will be there along with a bunch of other fabulous artists. I hope to have my sXe mini finished in time for the show.

Oh yeah, best part of the show? It’s free to attend.