24 Hour Comic Day 2009 Results!

Hey everyone! Here is my 24 Hour Comic for this year! However, there is a bit of required reading. If you hadn’t read my comic from last year you may not get all of the jokes referenced. They are best read back-to-back. So, do that first! Click here to read “Somewhere in Montana.” Then click on the graphic below to read “Meanwhile in Wyoming.”

This year I did things a bit differently. I learned a lot last year from watching Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon, and Danno Klonowski do their respective stories. Instead of working at 8.5″ x 11″ paper, as I did last year, I worked smaller at 5.5″ x 8.5″ pages. I was still able to do my average of six panels per page, but it looked a lot tighter. Also, I ditched the “pencil, ink, and write as you go approach” that had practiced since my first 24HCD and broke up the process into two parts. First, I wrote and penciled the entire story, which gave me the opportunity to have a pretty structured story. Then I finished each page up with inks….which was nice, because I could pretty much remain a zombie and not have to think, too much, for the rest of the night.

Once again I took the “Pictionary approach” to my story. Since I didn’t have any Pictionary cards when I started, I just picked out five words at random in the dictionary. My words were mop, rave, kung-fu, cumulus, and rookie. I did bend the McCloudian 24HCD rules and had somewhat of a plot figured out before hand. Basically, I knew that I was going to use the same characters as last year.

Eventually, I finished at 5 AM, quite impressive as I had to leave at about 7 AM last year after my hand cramped up and it hurt to draw. To alleviate that problem, I ate bananas, got a good nights sleep, and kept myself somewhat hydrated throughout the event…although in retrospect, I could have used more water.

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  1. staplegenius

    Fine work, sir. Fine work. I dare you to do all 50 states. I DARE YOU!!!!

  2. Daniel Olson

    So, that’d only take 48 more years…..

  3. Daniel Olson

    And it would be 1200 pages….

  4. Cuacomekiki

    I enjoyed reading this story. I liked the “come-on-and-hold-the-artifact-above-your head” moments, the princess and shadow-guy scenes. “Did you receive the email?” Very funny.

  5. Jessaroo

    Awww… I was really hoping he’d hold something up. Nonetheless, I was really glad to see a sequel to last year’s comic, which I thought was really fun. I totally felt all in the know and everything. I didn’t even know you then, and reading this year’s feels like something done by an old friend already. What a great year it’s been! See you at Fallcon, studmuffin!

  6. bewilderedkid

    Carlos - Thanks man! See you this weekend at Fallcon, maybe?

    Jesse - I thought about doing that, but the only thing that would have made sense would have been his inhaler…and, well there is still that mystery for the next installment. Yeah, there WILL BE a next installment. See ya at Fallcon!

  7. Cuacomekiki

    I’ll go on Sunday. See you there! :)

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