FallCon Samples!

For those that haven’t been reading the blog recently and have no idea what FallCon is, please refer to this post prior to reading.

For those that have been reading the blog, you must understand all of the lengths that I’ve been going to in order to have some sort of “presence” at FallCon. Last year, I had zero books to offer. This year, I’ve produced three mini anthologies (with some great assistance by all of the great contributors), created a 24 Hour Comic (although it isn’t the greatest work I’ve done, it is still quite the accomplishment), published Super Maxi-Pad Girl, assisted in the design of the Super Maxi-Pad Girl plush toy, and I assembled the Official Hanbook to the bewilderedkidiverse 2008!

Below are a couple of images of a one page story I did for the latest Super Fantastica Comix anthology and a page of the Handbook. You can click on each for larger images.


  1. McCarthy

    I can’t wait to pick up my prize, a free copy of Super Maxi Pad Girl at FallCon this weekend. I’ll also be searching the 25-cent bins for back issues of the Unsanitary Kotex-men.

  2. bewilderedkid

    You’ll be coming up? That’s great to hear! See you there! Oh, and by the way, could you find some back issues for me too? I’m going to be bogged down. I’m missing the whole “Inferno” storyarc.

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